More than a Lipstick

It feels good to do good. Why not buy a lipstick that makes you feel as good as you look! Sweet Lou Cosmetics gives 25% of net profits to non-profit organizations who are on a mission to build up women & girls. They support programs that teach youth the confidence & compassion to stand up for themselves by using the power of music, film, and more. 

To find out more about Sweet Lou, go to:


Ho Ho Ba (Jojoba)

Jojoba oil is one of my long time favorite multi-purpose products. I use organic jojoba oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup, and I swear it helps keep my lashes supple and healthy. In addition, it can be added into any body cream to enhance moisture without feeling greasy. I also prefer using a few drops of jojoba to argan oil for taming frizzy hair. Jojoba oil can be mixed into a multitude of home remedies. Look for organic jojoba oil. You can even find it at Trader Joe's!


Four Eyes

I got my first pair of glasses at 8. In high school, I switched to contact lenses. I've always had a love-hate relationship with glasses. With 20-600 vision, I absolutely need corrective lenses to see 20-20. In middle school, I would take off my glasses to walk down the hall, and I was so blind, that people assumed I was stuck up because I never said hi....ummm, hello... it was because I couldn't see anyone! Trying to look "prettier" for boys totally backfired. Ironically, now I know that lots of guys actually love glasses. I had so many things all wrong. 

In recent years, I've tried color contacts for a quick change, and although they look interesting in a creepy way, I find that they never fit quite right. I might look like a cat-eyed zombie, but one blink, and I can't see at all. A blind cat-eyed zombie. Umm, no. 

Over recent years, there has been a resurgence in glasses styles, and I now find them to be the perfect accessory. With so many colors, shapes and styles, it's a quick way to switch up your look. Glasses offer the perfect camouflage for those pesky under eye circles, fine lines, and "whatnots". The bonus of my high prescription, is that they magnify my eyes, making me look sort of like a crazy-doll, which is a "look" in some places. My relationship with glasses has really changed, and I need more in my life! 

Trying on frames is a tedious ordeal, but it's a lot more fun with a company like Warby Parker, where you can order the frames, and try on for free before committing. The styles are all current, and the collection is beautifully curated. You can try, buy, or return. If you prefer to try things on in the comfort of your own home, check out Warby Parker!


Neck Treatments

I know, I know, you came to this post in search of that magic elixir to smooth and tone your neck. Soon, I will be reviewing the latest products and cosmetic procedures for this delicate area, but until then, may I offer a tried and true style suggestion? Scarves. A classic way to accessorize, while providing the perfect camouflage for any neck issues you're having. Personally, I'm a fan of vintage silk scarves, but there are many designer items out there as well. 




This morning I woke up thinking about authenticity. In a world where Instagram dictates who and what is cool, the current "president" of the U.S. uses Twitter as a mouthpiece, and filters have the ability to make a granny look like a total sexpot, it seems we're losing our grip on reality. The majority of people are tethered to their cell phones. Meanwhile, children get ignored, elderly people disconnected, and even pets are neglected. Eye contact and social interaction are diminished. People pass one another in the street, buried so deep in their phones, that they miss the possibility of a chance meeting, or connection. (Oh yeah, "there's an app for that...")

I just wonder. A lot. 

This applies to beauty as well. I have said for some time now, that once everyone starts to look too "perfect" and too much the same in the virtual world; realness, intelligence, and authenticity will become our new beauty paradigm. Smart is sexy after all. Pretty can only go so far, and although we can all do our best to age gracefully, nothing lasts forever. Nothing. 

I know it might sound ridiculous coming from a makeup artist, but I am talking about the bigger picture, and it seems like the more we get sucked into our phones, the less we really "see". It literally shrinks vision inward, so that we become almost myopic. Comparison, judging, and insecurities are amplified. Cyber bullying is epidemic. Hell, even the president does it.  No wonder there's an explosion of narcissists and self-obsessed individuals. I suggest a taking a "time-out" from your phone, a "detox" off of Instagram. Do a "reality check". Nobody wants to look back at their life, and say, "oh yeah, I spent thousands, and thousands of hours staring at a cell phone."  No-one.

Sorry for the rant. Feel free to chime in on the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. xoxo one love.


Lip Switch

One day you wake up and realize you've been wearing that same shade of lipstick forever. It might very well be your "signature look". But, sometimes little changes can make all the difference. I'll admit, my default has long been pink-nude glossy lips. (Insert eye roll here.) I blame it on living in the Valley for too long. When my last go-to "girly-pink" ran out, I applied a bright red instead. It's crazy because you would think as a makeup artist, I would be more daring. We all need to try new things, evolve, reinvent and be open to change. This applies to everything in life. Nobody wants to be "that lady" stuck in a time warp. I suggest you switch it up! It's only lipstick after all....and with all of the color choices out there, the options are limitless...who do you want to be today?

 What is your mood today?

What is your mood today?

Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

Do you every wonder what your makeup brushes are made from? Brushes have traditionally been made from animal hair, going back to ancient times. Many still are. However, today we have many options for makeup brushes, including vegan brushes. I love Bdellium. These ethically made makeup brushes are pro quality, yet reasonably priced for all. They have a wide range available on their site. in addition, you can find an assortment of lush lipsticks and lip crayons, in a beautiful range of colors.

 Invest in a quality brush set. Take care of your brushes and they will last for years. xoxo

Invest in a quality brush set. Take care of your brushes and they will last for years. xoxo

 Naughty Nude is always Nice!

Naughty Nude is always Nice!

Mineral Skin Mist

From Morningstar Minerals, Derma Boost, is a rejuvenating spray mist. This rich vitamin, mineral & amino acid replenisher can be used on skin and hair. Extracted from ancient plant matter, Derma Boost is formulated to restore skin to a smooth, healthy condition. I apply to my face and body after a shower, before applying moisturizer. In addition, I like to use it intermittently during the day. It's far less expensive than its competitors, and of higher quality.  Click on the link below to find out more about the line and what they have to offer.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou

Beauty Sleep - Silky Secrets

Beauty sleep is a necessity after a certain age. All nighters require recovery time . No more stepping out the next day without a trace of evidence. Sleep deprivation is epidemic. We all know that it wreaks havoc on your body. Unfortunately, lack of sleep can take a toll on your appearance as well. Getting a good night's rest is paramount. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to enhance your beauty sleep. 

Firstly, assess your bedroom. Make it restful, relaxing, clean, and calm. Create your own private oasis with decor that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. If you haven't done so already, get the tv out of there! Electronics disrupt your circadian rhythms. The same goes for cell phones. I have to confess, that lately, I feel like my phone is my "boyfriend". I sleep with it, check on it, and it's the first thing I think of every morning. Let's try to break these bad habits! 

Secondly, invest in a silk pillow, and, or, a silk scarf. Silk is soft and gentle on your hair and skin. Say goodbye to unwanted creases on your face, and fuzzy hair in the AM. Go to bed with a glamorous headwrap, and wake up looking refreshed and naturally beautiful! 

You can find inexpensive faux silk headwraps at CVS and Target, or opt for a cool vintage real silk scarf. Just make sure it's a large enough square to wrap your hair thoroughly, and tie the knot in the front towards the top (like a unicorn), so that it's comfy to sleep in.

Invest in a silk pillow cover to save your hair from tangles, and breakage. Toss and turn as much as you need to, but your hair will stay smooth and frizz free! Another worthwhile investment, is a silk eye mask. Soft and gentle on your face, an eye mask is essential to a deep sleep. Great for cat naps and travel too...treat yourself. xoxo

The nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream.” Marilyn Monroe




Bee Love

Doing makeup over the years, I like to believe that I have a good radar for estimating someone's age. Occasionally, I am shocked, and yes, I live in LA, where you can get botox at the stripmall. But, I'm talking about natural looking beautiful skin. Recently, a client came in fresh faced at 4 am. Her makeup free skin was glowing, soft and smooth. Of course I never ask a person their age, but I did ask her what she uses on her skin. She told me about Lacrème Beauté. Founded by Victoria Galbraith Wachtel, this line is organic and luxurious, ethically sourced, and made with the power of bee venom. Bzzzzz. How about some "Beetox", instead of Botox?


The Perfect Red Lip

One of the most iconic makeup looks has to be red lipstick! With so many choices out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. If you're searching for something tried and true, I suggest you visit Besame Cosmetics line. Created by Gabriela Hernandez, Besame is a collection of iconic lip colors, as well as powders, encased in beautiful vintage inspired packaging. The colors are replicas, while the formulas have been refined to give you a perfect pout every time. The finish is a natural soft almost matte. Besame offers a range of reds for various skin tones, as well as a few gorgeous neutral lip colors. 

If you visit Burbank, be sure to visit the adorable boutique on Magnolia! Check out Besame, and enjoy visiting the retro inspired website!"></a>



You must have heard by now about the incredible properties of the cannabis plant. It's been around for a very long time. A long time, as in thousands of years, dating back to 2000 bc. So, I think it's only fair to say that cannabis is here to stay. Lately there has been a resurgence in the medical, as well as myriad uses of this gift from nature. 

This is where cannabis infused skincare products come in! It's just the beginning with infused skin oils, creams, salves,  and serums, and I foresee a giant trend in this arena. 

Blending ancient Korean beauty secrets with the power of cannabis, Cannabliss Organic has created a gorgeous line of skincare to heal, enhance and beautify your complexion. 

Visit the link below to learn more! Use this code: thebeautyicon10, for 10% off! xo


Faux French Stockings

I love stockings. I'm talking about sheer nylon or silk stockings. Super sexy and smoothing on the legs. Not only do they camouflage a myriad of flaws, but if you know how to select the best denier (weight & elasticity), they can actually create a more streamlined silhouette. Unfortunately, in warmer climates, stockings can be a moisture trapping nightmare; in other words, not even an option. In this case, there are a number of products out there to recreate that flawless French stocking look. Of course you can try self- tanners, but you know how that story can go, all streaky, and stinky.

Move over fake tan legs, and make room for something tres tres belle...Introducing:

Picture Perfect Leg Lustre by none other than a Parisian skincare line, VotreVu. This gorgeous product is a multi-tasker, and can be used anywhere on the body for an ultimate smoothing glow. It comes in three shades, all sheer, which can work on a variety of skin tones. In addition, it's cruelty and paraben free. Click on the link below to check out this sexy win-win combo, as well as the other incredible products offered by this botanically activated fabulous French line!

 Faux Shimmer &amp; Glow!

Faux Shimmer & Glow!


Everyone deserves a good foundation!

With so many options out there for foundation, it can be completely overwhelming. From drugstore brands to high end cosmetic lines, the choices seem endless. On top of all that, there is the search for a shade that matches your own skin tone seamlessly. Fortunately, cosmetics have come a long way from back in the day when the main shade was "plastic bandaid color pink-beige"....a tone that, thankfully,  doesn't even exist in nature! Today. you can find a much wider array of skin tones covered. Not all, but most cosmetic lines, have caught on to the fact that women come in many variations of each skin tone, and we all want to enhance our natural complexion to look like the best version of ourselves! 

If you are looking for a new line to try, I recommend you check out Sappho New Paradigm Foundation. With age-defying moisture and impeccable ingredients, it's easy to create a radiant, smooth flawless finish. This feather light foundation provides medium to full coverage while nourishing the skin. Click on the link below to find out more about this VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE line!


 Sappho New Paradigm Foundation.

Sappho New Paradigm Foundation.

Dewy-Luscious Face Mist

Perfect for travel, refreshing your skin anytime, and setting makeup, face mists are a must have. The thing is, they've come a long way since Evian. There's a new face mist in town and I am about to introduce you to her....Her name is Coco Ensolleile, and she is irresistible...Scented with natural florals, and full of skin nurturing ingredients, you can use this spritz to set your makeup, on your makeup brush to buff out a dewy base, or anytime as a pick me up! Click link below to discover this incredible newly launched line!

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin

 Face Apertif - Orange Blossom Macaroon

Face Apertif - Orange Blossom Macaroon

Hawaiian Beauties

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamt of going to Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, flowers, and music, all floating on the soft ocean air.  At one point my father even got a job offer to teach at the University of Hawaii. He took a position in Albany, New York instead...but, I digress....

Not too long ago, I finally took that trip to Kauai. It was absolutely beautiful and exceeded my expectations. Especially the nature. Some day soon, I will go back, but until then, I've been searching for skincare, and beauty products that can take me away to a tropical Hawaiian garden, with lush, rich, and natural fragrances. 

In this blog, I'm sharing with you some treats I've found. Malie, The Essence of Hawai'i is a delicious collection, with scents ranging from fragrant mango shampoo and conditioner, to frangipani and plumeria scented lotions and body glosses. I want everything, and you will too! They even have candles and oil diffusers, so you can create a little Hawaiian paradise in your own home. The products are all made in Hawaii, and the U.S., with organic ingredients. Click on the link below to check out the site! You will thank me. xoxo


 Take me to Hawaii!

Take me to Hawaii!

CBD Oil Skin Serum

If you haven't heard of CBD Oil yet, you will very soon. With a myriad of health and wellness benefits, CBD Oil is also an amazing ingredient in skincare products! In my research on various serums, I sought out vegan, organic and ethically sourced small companies, and I will be posting in my blog about a few items that I have tried and recommend.

The first one is from a company in Kentucky, Kat's Natural. A husband and wife team created this brand, and I've tried a few items and love everything! They offer CBD oils to be taken internally, as well as salves for topical pain relief. I've been taking the drops called "REST", and believe me, it works to get a calm good night's sleep if you suffer with any sort of insomnia. There is one skin serum, and I love it! A healing serum, which moisturizes without feeling greasy, it can also be used for blemishes, and even has healing properties which are soothing for those suffering with rosacea. Check out some of their products and more details on their website!