Shady Lady

Summer sun, winter sun, anytime there's too much sun, it's time to protect your skin! No matter your complexion, too much sun causes premature aging, discoloration, crinkling, and other unwanted side effects. That tan might look pretty when you're young, but you'll pay for it later, and in more ways than one. If vanity doesn't concern you, skin cancer should. In addition to using a sunscreen daily, you can find many foundations which feature built in spf. Below are a couple of my personal faves:

L'Oreal-True Match Foundation This line offers spf protection, and a wide selection of shades from the palest to deepest ranges. I love this foundation because it applies evenly, and dries down to a soft powder-like, natural looking finish. 

Another line, It Cosmetics, a "good for your skin" makeup line, features spf 50 in their foundations, and they are finally expanding their shades to include more skin tones. A little bit goes a long way with this product. It is buildable for great coverage!

You can always top it all off with a hat and shades, the perfect way to stay cool in the shade, and look fabulous while doing it. xo

Hiding from the Sun

Hiding from the Sun