The Lipstick Files

She knew in her gut that something just wasn't quite right. Her fiancé had been acting extra sweet, yet her intuition told her it was insincere. Ella wasn't one to pry, but a sudden change in his behavior had forced her to investigate. Staying late at work more than once a week, had become a habit. When she texted him, he didn't answer like he used to, and he always had an excuse. Things just didn't add up. She was no dummy, and with the wedding just weeks away, there was no way she was gonna get played for a fool. Not this time. Not ever.

So Ella did what she had to do. Kissing her fiancé, and seeing him off to work at his usual time, she got up and made herself a strong cup of coffee. She would need it today. Taking a leisurely shower, she shampooed and deep conditioned her hair. She had to look her absolute best. After contemplating what to wear, Ella selected the black lace playsuit topped off with a big floppy hat. She knew it was one of his all-time favorites.

At her vanity, she applied a dewy foundation and set it with sheer powder. Next, she gently swept on a bronzer to softly contour her features. She then added a clean black liquid eyeliner, carbon mascara, and filled her perfectly arched brows with M.A.C. Great Brows kit, creating a soft, yet strong frame to her face.

For the final touch, she lined her lips with M.A.C. Redd Lipliner, then carefully applied M.A.C. Lady Danger, a vivid bright coral red lipstick with a lip brush, until her lips were a flawless eye-catching pout.  Looking at her reflection in the mirror she smiled, and thought to herself, "what a red lip can do for a girl!" With that, she turned on her high heels, grabbed her Italian red leather tote, and headed to the door. She was ready to do what a girl's gotta do!

M.A.C. Lady Danger Matte

M.A.C. Lady Danger Matte