Four Eyes

I got my first pair of glasses at 8. In high school, I switched to contact lenses. I've always had a love-hate relationship with glasses. With 20-600 vision, I absolutely need corrective lenses to see 20-20. In middle school, I would take off my glasses to walk down the hall, and I was so blind, that people assumed I was stuck up because I never said hi....ummm, hello... it was because I couldn't see anyone! Trying to look "prettier" for boys totally backfired. Ironically, now I know that lots of guys actually love glasses. I had so many things all wrong. 

In recent years, I've tried color contacts for a quick change, and although they look interesting in a creepy way, I find that they never fit quite right. I might look like a cat-eyed zombie, but one blink, and I can't see at all. A blind cat-eyed zombie. Umm, no. 

Over recent years, there has been a resurgence in glasses styles, and I now find them to be the perfect accessory. With so many colors, shapes and styles, it's a quick way to switch up your look. Glasses offer the perfect camouflage for those pesky under eye circles, fine lines, and "whatnots". The bonus of my high prescription, is that they magnify my eyes, making me look sort of like a crazy-doll, which is a "look" in some places. My relationship with glasses has really changed, and I need more in my life! 

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