This morning I woke up thinking about authenticity. In a world where Instagram dictates who and what is cool, the current "president" of the U.S. uses Twitter as a mouthpiece, and filters have the ability to make a granny look like a total sexpot, it seems we're losing our grip on reality. The majority of people are tethered to their cell phones. Meanwhile, children get ignored, elderly people disconnected, and even pets are neglected. Eye contact and social interaction are diminished. People pass one another in the street, buried so deep in their phones, that they miss the possibility of a chance meeting, or connection. (Oh yeah, "there's an app for that...")

I just wonder. A lot. 

This applies to beauty as well. I have said for some time now, that once everyone starts to look too "perfect" and too much the same in the virtual world; realness, intelligence, and authenticity will become our new beauty paradigm. Smart is sexy after all. Pretty can only go so far, and although we can all do our best to age gracefully, nothing lasts forever. Nothing. 

I know it might sound ridiculous coming from a makeup artist, but I am talking about the bigger picture, and it seems like the more we get sucked into our phones, the less we really "see". It literally shrinks vision inward, so that we become almost myopic. Comparison, judging, and insecurities are amplified. Cyber bullying is epidemic. Hell, even the president does it.  No wonder there's an explosion of narcissists and self-obsessed individuals. I suggest a taking a "time-out" from your phone, a "detox" off of Instagram. Do a "reality check". Nobody wants to look back at their life, and say, "oh yeah, I spent thousands, and thousands of hours staring at a cell phone."  No-one.

Sorry for the rant. Feel free to chime in on the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. xoxo one love.