Four Eyes

Do you ever get sick of your “look”. We all get into ruts with our style. Stale makeup looks, that hairstyle that you see yourself wearing in a photo from years ago. Switching a lip color, or adding some bangs can be a quick fix. But, the best and least committal way to change up your look is to try a new pair of glasses! I have a very high prescription, which means most of my lenses can look like coke bottles, not to mention they cost a fortune. So, I decided, finally to try Warby Parker. It is the program where you can order 5 sample styles to try on, for free, at home. Perfect! The site is clean and easy to browse, with just enough, but not too many options. They have made getting new glasses fun and effortless, and, best of all, affordable! My glasses were only $125! The last time I bought a pair in an optical shop, I paid over 500, because of my complex lens. If you’re curious, check out their site in the link below. You won’t be disappointed. xo