Late Bloomers

The very young, never really think about getting older. 13, 18, 21. Then comes 30. After 35, enters the awareness of pending “middle age”. What a horrible term! I prefer to refer to this stage as being “in your prime”, or something more positive. “Middle-aged” just sounds, well, sounds like you might as well give up and barrel to the finish line of life.

The beauty queens and perfect girls from high school, who most of us envied were really a rarity, at least where I went to school. Unless you were one of the lucky ones. I recall most kids being awkward, gawky and stressed out. Hormones, bad hair and emotional messes. I remember being so shy that I would take of my thick glasses before walking through the main hallway just to avoid eye contact. This translated into other kids thinking I was “stuck up”, when in actuality, I was blind as a bat and super shy. I have to say that I hated high school. The morning bus, the smell, the redundancy, and the hollow feeling I always felt. To me it was like “doing time”, and I counted down the days to exit for once and for all.

Being a “late bloomer” does have its perks. Challenging and lonely during the early years, there’s a payoff on the other end. Overall, I feel better than ever as I get older. Of course, I still struggle with my “moods”, but for the most part I enjoy life. Maintaining an attitude of appreciation for what we have is key. Everyone has something to be grateful for. It’s not about material things, because money comes and goes. It’s more about our perspective, which can come and go as well. Just remember you can only control your own thoughts, behavior and choices. Let the rest go. Smile more, because crying makes wrinkles. Be a decent human being. Be selective about the people and energy you choose to be around, even if that means you only have a few friends. Quality, not quantity. Love more. Above all, love yourself. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow. xoxo