Rachel Gratia Halsey

For my whole life, I've had a love for beauty, fashion, theatre, design and nature. Initially, I started out studying fashion design in NYC at F.I.T., which was followed by some wild lost years, until a return to college for a Bachelors degree. During that period, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy, with a concentration in Art History and Italian. All roads eventually led back to NYC, where I worked as a scenic artist and decorative painter for some time. Working as a freelancer, I was also part of a window dressing team, decorating and dressing holiday windows in Manhattan for SONY, Tiffany, Bergdorf Goodman, and Barneys. From there, it was an easy move into the world of prop styling on commercials. Eventually, the wardrobe department seemed to be a perfect fit, so to speak. It was on small jobs, when asked to do makeup as well, that I found the ultimate blend of painting, beauty, design, and fashion. I absolutely love the transformative process of makeup! From natural to dramatic glam, and everything in between, it's a never ending art form. For as many looks as there are, each face is a unique canvas.

In Los Angeles, I have worked in television, print, on red carpet events, and for private clients. I always aim to make my client feel like the best version of themselves! 

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In addition, I have an Etsy shop, where you can find vintage nylons and other sundry items.